The Right Cleaners for Your Property


When it comes to finding the right property cleaner you have so many options it can be difficult deciding where to start. We here at Air Elan thought we would put together a summary of what your options are to try and make things a little clearer for you.

Choosing the right cleaners for your property is a tricky situation. Whomever you agree to let into your home is going to be under suspicion should anything go wrong – so your property cleaning company needs to be one that you can trust. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the options and see if we can’t find the right cleaner for you!

Option 1 – Independent Hiring

If you happen to live in the property and you are going to be home often then hiring an independent cleaner seems like the perfect solution… but is it really? In this instance you are advertising the position in a local newspaper or online and hoping that someone honest will respond. You can invest a little in security vetting for yourself, but this added cost might not be what you want when hiring cleaning staff. On the other hand, you will have a stable employee who you will probably get to know over time.

This option also means you will need to check references for yourself, conduct interviews, decide on a fee and learn enough about employment law to ensure you aren’t breaking any rules. If you are able to spare the time, and if you truly value the traditional values of hiring a housekeeper with the intention of having them for life then this method might be best for you. We found this article by The Spruce that can guide you through this process if you wish to go ahead with option 1.

The Pro’s:

  • The same cleaner every time
  • A regular point of contact should anything go wrong
  • Complete control over the employment process

The Con’s:

  • Hiring can take a long time
  • Holiday cover and replacement is hard to find
  • Nobody to hold accountable if anything goes wrong

Option 2 – Use a Cleaning Recruitment Agency

With this method you register with a firm online and express your need for a cleaner. You will then get responses from independent cleaners operating in the area and you will be able to choose which you would like to engage.

When you choose to use this option you are able to cut down on the time you spend hiring your cleaner, you will have a selection of services at the touch of a button and you can be assured that their references have already been checked. On the other side of the coin; you do not meet the person face to face before you engage their services, you do not always have the security of knowing the staff have been properly vetted and you do not know how much experience they have.

If you want to learn more about the pro’s and con’s of using cleaning recruitment agencies then you might benefit from checking out this thread on

The Pro’s:

  • Reasonably simple to hire and fire
  • An intermediary able to mediate disputes
  • Finding a replacement is fast

The Con’s

  • The intermediary can’t be held responsible for loss or damages.
  • Cleaners still provide their own supplies
  • Cancellations and changes may still incur a fee

Option 3 – Use a Dedicated Cleaning Company

Option 3 is the best of both worlds. It allows you to meet and get to know your own personal cleaning team but simultaneously allows you the fuss-free hiring that you so desperately want. Hiring a cleaning company skips the interviewing, security vetting and reference checks you have to perform when you hire an independent cleaner for yourself. It also negates the uncertainty of hiring online or through a referral agency who may or may not have performed the necessary checks on your behalf.

When you choose to use a dedicated cleaning service for your property you will receive a professional service from people who have time-served industry experience. You benefit from their years of on-the-job wisdom, from their team’s collective knowledge, from workers who have already been security vetted and whose training is ongoing and regularly updated. Not only this but you also receive a commercial quality level of professionalism and attention to detail with every cleaning of your property.

The Pro’s:

  • Staff are security vetted, trained and highly skilled.
  • Staff are provided with the best of cleaning supplies, equipment and technology.
  • A single contact point controls all.
  • Simple to hire, holiday cover and replacement cleaners are all taken care of.
  • No cancellations, loss or damages are covered and a company can be held accountable for anything amiss.

The Con’s:

  • You’re unlikely to be assigned a single cleaner although you may have the option to do this.
  • You do not have explicit control over who has access to your property; although you do have the ability to hold someone accountable in the event of any mishaps.

Air Elan

Here at Air Elan we offer a first class guest contact service for your rental properties. We believe that the difference between a good cleaning company and a great cleaning company lies in the small things; making sure your space is as impeccable as it can be for each and every new guest, fluffing pillows, steam cleaning the upholstery – all of the tiny details you think don’t matter, but that add up to create a high standard of excellence we infuse into every job we do.

If you find yourself in need of a reliable, hard-working and honest Airbnb cleaning service or home cleaning company and you happen to be based in Seattle or the Eastside then choose to use Air Elan. Not only are we property cleaners of distinction but we also have that added guest contact service to make your life as hassle-free as we can. For property cleaning services in the Seattle area look no further, Air Elan is your number one choice.

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