About Us

Keep the things that you love about Airbnb and do away with the things you don’t.

When you first started your Airbnb business, you imagined making new friends from around the world while making a decent amount of money… having coffee in the morning with them, chit chatting about culture and art, perhaps visiting them at some point… but your dreams were quickly splashed with the cold water of reality when you realized how much work it really is to get them there, take care of their needs while they’re here and then get your Airbnb ready for the next group of “friends” to arrive. You cringe every time you think about making another bed or talking to another person that is lost at 2 a.m. and they don’t speak your language.

We love doing the hard stuff, the stuff no one likes to do; going elbow deep into the mechanics of how things work and making it better. All of the things that you would rather not do with your Airbnb, we can’t wait to do. Housekeeping? Love it. Maintenance? Bring it on. Making the best listing this side of forever. We live for that stuff.

That’s why we named our business Air Elan. Technically, Élan, but it’s a hard one for most people to type in so, Elan it is.



That sums us up perfectly. We are extremely enthusiastic and bring a lot of energy to the Airbnb lifestyle. The sharing economy isn’t going away and, in our opinion, it’s way overdue.

From David Woodward, Founder of Air Elan.

My wife, Adrienne, and I have traveled quite a bit, staying almost exclusively at Airbnb’s. Some were amazing, like the place we stayed at in the heart of old Stockholm right off of the cobble streets that had an amazing old wood fireplace in it. Others, like the place in Dublin that had the water for the bathroom coming from a giant plastic tub in the closet, were memorable but we probably won’t stay there again. During our travels, I talked to quite a few Airbnb hosts about what they were doing, long term plans with Airbnb, etc… More often than not it turned into a gripe session about the things that they didn’t like more than what they did enjoy.

I had the brilliant idea, after one of these talks, to do the things that most people said they didn’t enjoy. I have an extensive history in hospitality management and internet marketing so it seemed like a perfect fit, and it is.
Creating listings that attract guests’s as enthusiastic about staying at an Airbnb as we are to have them stay is a very fulfilling feeling. The housekeeping side feeds my obsessive impulses. Sometimes to an aggravating degree. Just ask any of our housekeepers that work for us. But, my favorite part, personally, is the guest interaction or, as I like to call it, the guest experience management. We go above and beyond to create a true experience for the guests from the time they first see the listing. Guests are the life blood of this business. Without them the wheels don’t turn, so to speak.
I truly hope we get a chance to meet and work together very soon.

Using technology to clean better for the new share economy in Seattle and the Eastside